Meet The Team



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Bailie White

Owner + Travel Advisor

“I grew up traveling, and I’ve always been enamored with all aspects of it. At a very young age I realized that, no matter how different the trip or experience, traveling changed me. Whether it was a ski-trip or summer adventure in Whistler, Canada, or just a road trip down to a beach somewhere in Florida, there was something different in me each time I returned home. Traveling teaches and challenges you; it makes you want to grow, evolve, and BE better. It’s addictive.”

After years of experience and working several different roles in the travel industry, Bailie started BE The Travel. When she isn’t traveling, or planning her client’s next BE, you can find Bailie spending time with her husband and their two pups. Bailie loves a good book, a challenging mountain to climb (literally and figuratively), and the meaningful life experiences wrapped up in this thing we call travel. 

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Molly Gay

Travel Advisor

“My travels have given me new perspectives and experiences that have shaped who I am, and I've been able to see other parts of the world that I never could have imagined. I grew up traveling the US and the Bahamas with my family and have always loved visiting new places, but after my first study abroad trip in college, I was hooked. I spent 6 weeks traveling around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, and when I got back, I immediately signed up for another trip abroad the following summer to Europe, where I explored Italy, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland. It was after those two experiences that traveling truly became a passion of mine, and I knew my dream was to pursue a career in the travel industry.”

Molly thinks it's so important to get out of our comfort zones and daily routines to explore other places and cultures, and her focus is on providing truly personalized trips, unique to her clients and their needs.