BE Bucket Listers: Italy

For as long as Gary and Malinda can remember, a trip to Italy had been sitting at the tip-top of their travel bucket list. Thanksgiving Day 2018 was the day their dream became a reality, and the two found themselves leaving Nashville and heading towards Rome! The next 10 days would be the trip of a lifetime for the two, and BE The Travel was just excited to play a small part in it!

“Along with being as excited for us as we were, Bailie was so attentive to every detail of our trip!”

- Gary and Malinda White, BE Travelers

Want to know what their trip to Italy looked like? Here’s a peak into their full itinerary with Trafalgar. Proceed with caution, readers! This just might make you want to book an Italian adventure of your own. And when it does, BE The Travel is ready to assist!

Day 1: What better place than Rome to serve as as the launch pad for an Italian experience?

After landing in Rome, Gary and Malinda explored the city on their own — they walked the neighborhoods of shops and cafes and had dinner at a local street side cafe. Their first meal in Rome? Pizza of course!

The two then settled in for their first night of an unforgettable journey at Grand Hotel Tiberio, which is a new and modern hotel situated in a quiet residential area. Just a 20 minute walk from the Vatican! Curious what other fantastic hotels there are in Rome? Click here to explore!

Day 2: Your first full day in Rome has to include top tourist destinations!

Gary and Malinda toured the Vatican (where the Pope was due to speak the following day!), the Colosseum (where the Roman gladiators once fought, of course), The Sistine Chapel (home of Michaelangelo’s beautiful painted ceiling).

“You can’t imagine the detail of the architecture and the history of this beautiful city!” tells Gary and Malinda.

Day 3: From Rome to Venice they go!

The couple journeyed across the Apennine Mountains before arriving in Venice. Upon arrival, they cruised the canal by boat, and spent time taking in the colorful buildings and churches.

Gary and Malinda checked into their second hotel of the trip, Hotel le Boulevard. This hotel sat in an enviable position between sea and lagoon, making the hotel a charming place to enjoy Venice — which is made up of 122 islands! Other than Hotel le Boulevard, there are many other hotels in Venice that might catch your eye! Click here to check them out!

Day 4: A day spent in Venice!

To start their day, Gary and Malinda enjoyed a presentation of Venetian glass blowing by a local workshop on the Giudecca Island. Then they cruised by private boat to St. Mark’s Square to visit the beautiful Cathedral (which has over 4 million mosaic tiles inside!). After taking in the views of several other attractions, the couple spent the rest of their afternoon exploring the narrow city streets on their own! And, of course, no trip is complete without a gondola ride through the hustling waterways of the city!


Day 5: A trip to Florence, with a stop in Verona along the way!

“Being the setting for Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a must!” tells Malinda. Not only did Gary and Malinda get to see Juliet’s balcony, but also the Roman Verona Arena (the third largest in all of Italy). Afterwards, the two enjoyed some free time of shopping along the cobbled streets, with lunch and pastries from local cafes.

When they left Verona, Gary and Malinda traveled south through the rolling vineyard covered landscapes of Tuscany to Florence. They checked into their third hotel, Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, which is a splendid hotel that offers some unforgettable views of the city and hills of Florence! Click here to view many other hotels that Florence has to offer!

Day 6: Try to name something more charming than the cobblestone streets of Florence - you can’t!

This day began with a tour and shopping at a local leather shop, and followed by other activities like touring the Academy of Fine Arts to see Michelangelo's famous statue of David. At night, Gary and Malinda, along with the rest of their Trafalgar group, got to enjoy a home cooked dinner hosted by a local family at their 850-acre vineyard in the Tuscany countryside. This night just might have been one of Gary and Malinda’s favorites, which they described as, “such an unexpected and delightful experience!” Can you believe the home was built over 900 years ago, and had been in the same family for 300 years?

Day 7: Off to Sorrento: Gary and Malinda’s first introduction to the Amalfi Coast!


The couple traveled through the plains to the Bay of Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. This would be home for the next two nights, and Johanna Park Hotel offered the perfect spot for both sightseeing and enjoying the beach! Gary and Malinda said the drive up the mountain around the winding curves of the city at sunset was spectacular in itself! Other hotels worth looking at in Sorrento can be found here!

Day 8: What is a trip to Italy without an Isle of Capri Excursion?

On Day 8, Gary and Malinda crossed the Bay of Naples by ferry to the chic island playground of Capri! “This is absolutely the most beautiful view from the top of the mountain down to the sea.  The city built into the hillside is so picturesque!” tells Gary.

Day 9: A day of travel! From Sorrento to Pompeii, to Cassino, and back to Rome!

Their last full day was spent traveling through the City of Pompeii, where Gary and Malinda’s guide led a walking tour. The two truly got an understanding of the history of the ruins, and what the city once held (before it was destroyed and covered in ash in 79 A.D. from volcano Vesuvius that erupted). Following their tour was a short visit at the Commonwealth Cemetery in Cassino; the site of a fierce battle during WWII where over 4,000 soldiers lost their lives. Then back to Rome for one last night in Italy.

Day 10: After enjoying one last morning in Rome - filled with local pastries and jams, of course,

Gary and Malinda packed their bags and headed to the airport for the trip back home.

“This was by far the best vacation we’ve been on,” tells Gary and Malinda. “You can’t beat the combination of it all: the amazing history, the beauty, and the culture! The diversity in each city is so unique yet so similar!”

So now you want to make your own Italian memories, right? Well good thing you’re in the right place - BE The Travel would love to help! Click here to ask us about your next trip today!