The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List

BE The Travel was recently a featured vendor on Tennessee + Kentucky Wedding Photographer, Allison Thompson of ALLYOGRAPHY’s page as a honeymoon specialist. We partnered with ALLYOGRAPHY to bring brides and grooms The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing Guide. Let’s face it, packing for your honeymoon is the last step in all of wedding planning, so if a honeymoon packing guide is what you’re searching for, keep reading, because is sure to come in handy!

Photography: ALLYOGRAPHY

Photography: ALLYOGRAPHY

Your perfected wedding invitations were sent months ago, and your RSVP cards are now back and accounted for. You’ve sent your DJ all the best song requests that are sure to keep the dancefloor alive indefinitely. Catering has their final headcount, the hotel block for your guests is booked full, and finally your wedding planner has told you every last detail is officially finalized. Now, all that’s left to do is countdown the last few days before the wedding you’ve been dreaming of! 

Oh, and pack for your honeymoon - you still have to do that. You almost forgot!

Brides, we’ve all been there! Some of us have been there after two or three glasses of wine from our rehearsal dinner, while others (who have chosen a buffer day between wedding and honeymoon) procrastinated right up until midnight before their 6 am flight the next day. But let’s not forget the brides on the opposite end of the spectrum who packed weeks before their “I-do’s” because they were so ready to just be jetset as husband and wife already!

Regardless of your timing, packing for your honeymoon is most often one of the last important things we do in the wedding planning process. It’s not anything your mom, wedding planner, or maid-of-honor can do for you, either! Fortunately, honeymoon specialist and romance travel enthusiast, Bailie White with BE The Travel, is handing over the ultimate Honeymoon Packing Guide. 

So grab your new white swimsuit and suitcase, ladies! It’s packing time.

For The Plane:

  1. Your passport
    Let’s not forget that! And make sure your names match the spelling on your travel documents one last time!

  2. AirPods
    For all the podcasts you have downloaded and ready to go.

  3. Travel blanket
    Why are all airplanes always set to -12°F?

  4. Portable phone charger
    Odds are you’re going to forget to plug your phone in to charge the night of your wedding.

  5. Hand sanitizer
    I always (always) keep hand sanitizer with me when traveling! 

  6. Your travel itinerary
    Keep this with you in your carry on, even if it’s also on your mobile travel app. You never want to deal with lost baggage or a dead phone in a foreign country’s airport without a clue of what to do or who to call next!

For The Honeymoon:

  1. All the outfits
    Check the weather forecast and ask yourself *realistically* how many outfits you’re going to need. What’s the dress code at the restaurants of your hotel/resort/cruise ship? Are you going to do any excursions? Are you planning on working out? Do you want to just lounge around in a t-shirt and shorts all week long? All the outfits will be specific to you; just of course, don’t forget them! Or their matching shoes and jewelry!

  2. Sunscreen
    A lot of honeymooners forget this, or assume the resort/hotel they’re at will have some. And while sunscreen or aloe may be sold at the giftshop, it’s going to be way cheaper on you to bring it from home. 

  3. Medicine of choice
    If you’re traveling out of country, remember you’re probably going to be trying new food/flavors; so if you’ve got a weak stomach, take some tums with you! Are you prone to headaches? Go ahead and pack some pain meds and thank yourself later! What about hangovers, do you get those easily? You might want to bring some Liquid IV packs, too!

  4. Swimsuit(s)
    Surely you won’t forget those, right?

  5. Lingerie
    Because is this an honest honeymoon packing list without including all the lingerie your bridesmaids got you?

  6. Silicone wedding bands
    Great for protecting your rings from salt/chlorine water, and keeping your diamonds locked safely in your room’s safe (or even back at home!). You can find these on Amazon for next to nothing!

  7. Beach bag
    It’s always so convenient to have a beach bag or backpack to throw everything into. Things like:

  8. Sunglasses + Beach Hat

    Nobody wants to be squinting in all of their cute honeymoon pics!

  9.  Flip flops
    I always forget sandals to throw on for walking to the beach or pool.

  10. A good book
    Maybe the one you haven’t had time to read during wedding planning season.

  11. Your bluetooth speaker and iPhone

    Don’t forget to download your fav playlist before you go!

  12. A GoPro
    For all the cool new mems you’re about to make as husband and wife!

So what’d we forget? Did we miss anything? If you’ve already been on your honeymoon, what’s one thing you packed that you’re so glad you did? What’s something you wish you had remembered?

Safe honeymoon travels to the new Mr. and Mrs.! And may the honeymoon truly never end.