The ‘Why’ behind the ‘BE’


Do you want to know my favorite part about travel?

No really, my personal favorite part about travel. Not the line I feed you, telling you in a roundabout way what the hottest, trendiest travel destination is and why you should book your plane ticket there RIGHT NOW; but the honest part of travel that I look forward to on each trip? I’ll tell you. You ready? It’s the way back home.

Growing up, we did a good bit of traveling, and I’ve always been enamored with all aspects of it. At a very young age I realized that, no matter how different the trip or experience, travel changed me.

I remember being a little girl and being secretly excited about the long drive home, or feeling giddy about getting a window seat on the return flight, where I knew I could rest my head against the window glass and reflect on my little life.

Cue: dramatic music.

I know it’s cheesy, but it’s the truth. The time after a trip — after a new experience that just placed everything into a fresh perspective — that was, and still is, my favorite part about travel.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The moments wrapped up during travel, when you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and away from your day-to-day life — they’re the key ingredients. The instances when you’re trying something new, when you’re connecting on a personal level with a complete and total stranger, or when your stomach drops or tastebuds go wild or goosebumps fill every square inch of your body — those are the game changers. Traveling teaches and challenges you; it makes you want to grow, evolve, and BE better. It’s addictive.

So BE The Travel was created with those moments and feelings and YOU in mind. You: the reader, the traveler, the day-dreamer, my past client or complete stranger. My hope is that this travel business turns into something you love. My wish for BE The Travel is that together, we plan vacations with your own personal BE in mind. The BE’s that yield changes within you both big and small, and the kind of personal growth that is both life altering and monumental in the quietest of ways.

Do you want to BE better? BE adventurous? BE pampered? BE rejuvenated? BE relaxed? BE active? BE unplugged? BE together? BE nostalgic? You name it, and the goal and sole mission of BE The Travel is to make that travel dream BE a reality.

To read more about this new business of mine: what BE The Travel is about, what services we offer, or even read a little more about me, click here.