Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor

Let’s talk about it: The perks of using a Travel Advisor.

The revitalized industry professionals once and more commonly known as Travel Agents have evolved over the last 75+ years into something you shouldn’t go any longer without utilizing. At a time when anyone with Wifi and a smartphone can plan extensive trips or vacations, why would there be a need for such a service anyways? Keep reading for 5 reasons that support your decision in using a trusted Travel Advisor for your next vacation. The perks don’t go unnoticed.



  1. Experience

    As Travel Advisors, our job is to gain first hand experience around the world. We test products, explore hotels + resorts, taste food, seek out adventure, and so much more all in the name of better serving you (our clients). Truly, in an effort to better prepare others for their own travel, we invest our personal time and money into traveling to destinations we feel our community might enjoy. As seasoned travel experts, we have the experience to take your vacation to the next level.

  2. Relationships

    Since it is virtually impossible for one Advisor to travel everywhere on the planet in a timely manner (which would only then allow sed Advisor to maintain current information and expertise of the entire globe), we have our connections. In other words, your favorite vacation spot has more than likely changed since you last visited five years ago. The relationships we have with destination specific tour operators + onsite specialists keep us up-to-speed and completely in-the-know of quite literally, every destination out there; most importantly, the ones we haven’t been to ourselves or visit often. Since Advisors don’t typically take trips to one specific destination three to five times a year, every single year — well, at least our destination specific preferred partners can (and do)!


    Life happens — yes, even during travel. Have you ever had a cancelled flight that derailed your entire, perfectly planned itinerary? Have you ever realized a category 3 hurricane was headed right towards your caribbean escape just days before your departure? Have you ever had anything go wrong, at all, with a trip you planned on your own? If you have, odds are dealing with it was no fun at all. That’s why using a Travel Advisor is worth your while. We’re the people who deal with any and all mishaps while you focus on enjoying your vacation.

  4. More Value

    Did you know Travel Advisors have access to a number of travel resources that the everyday person does not have access to? You read that right: there are travel programs in existence only for partnered Advisors. Similarly, did you know that our affiliations to travel networks (like ours with Virtuoso) can provide perks and upgraded amenities that everyday people cannot access on their own? These are just a few reasons to support that Advisors can simply get more out of a travel dollar than your everyday traveler can.

  5. Overall Hassle

    The resort you’ve been dreaming of does exist, and you can find it a lot quicker by describing your wish-list to a Travel Advisor than you could digging hours through the internet for. We plan trips all day, every day, so the research that takes you days comes much easier, if not effortless, to Travel Advisors. If what you’re looking for isn’t everyday knowledge to us, we know how to find the answer. Quickly. Not to mention, setting dinner reservations in foreign countries, waiting on hold for hours on end to make itinerary adjustments, rerouting flight schedule changes, ensuring your private driver speaks the same language you do, and many other detailed aspects of trip planning are the kinds of hassles Travel Advisors can do for you!

So what more reason do you need? Contact a Travel Advisor TODAY to plan your next vacation. BE The Travel would love to talk travel with you.