Traveling Virtuoso

So you appreciate the finer things in life, do you? No, not just the good stuff, but the really good stuff. The nice touches. The highest qualities. You find great value in details like unmatched service or excellent dining. You find beauty in exceptional craftsmanship and recognize character in architecture. You expect the extra mile.

Do you notice, like really notice, when people seem to know exactly how to take care of you, maybe even better than yourself? Do you believe in the value of local expertise when traveling, and authentic experiences? Do you acknowledge when you’re getting the best of the best, and cherish every minute of it? Of course you do. And you should.

Have you heard of Virtuoso? Have you experienced traveling Virtuoso?


Being able to say that BE The Travel, LLC. is a Virtuoso-Affiliated Agency carriers a lot of weight in the travel industry, but outside of the industry, not everyone has a true grasp on the meaning of it. And if you resonated at all with the first paragraph or two in this blog, you’re going to want to know all the details — so keep on reading.

Virtuoso is the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel. Outside of Virtuoso-Agents, the network partners with over 1,800 of the world’s best companies such as hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more.

It’s a thrill to be able to tour or stay at a Virtuoso property, because no two are the same and each have such individualized qualities that make them extraordinary. Same story when working with Virtuoso tour operators, cruise lines, and other Virtuoso suppliers.

But do you want to know the very best thing about being a Virtuoso affiliate? There is nothing greater than working with a BE Traveler with the taste for Virtuoso, simply because BE The Travel has been trained and equipped to deliver unique experiences, special values, complimentary perks, VIP treatment and rare access.

BE more specific…


Okay, so let’s say you’re wanting to have a fabulous weekend away in the Upper East Side of NYC. You find The Mark and realize it’s the ideal location; near great shops, museums, restaurants, and Central Park. Book your stay with BE The Travel, and receive an upgrade at time of booking (subject to availability). Check-in as a BE Traveler, and your breakfasts will be free and later you’ll cheers to your complimentary cocktails over a platter of free hors d'oeuvres. You’ll also make sure to save one afternoon for your "Picnic in the Park by Jean-Georges" — a picnic basket featuring a selection of delectable foods and refreshments for 2, prepared by The Mark Restaurant's kitchen. On your last morning, sleep in and check out late before heading back to reality. Hey, you deserve it!

Alright, keep talking…


Maybe the US isn’t exactly what you had in mind for your next vacation. Rather, the Caribbean is sounding awfully inviting. Say no more, and look no further than Virtuoso property, The BodyHoliday. If you give your body to BodyHoliday for a week, they give you back your peace of mind. If you book your week at BodyHoliday with BE The Travel, we'll give you a few extras. When you arrive, you might be upgraded to a nicer room (subject to availability) and you’ll definitely get a $100 credit to be used during your stay. And as if your daily spa treatments won’t be enough, you can receive one last BodyHoliday spa experience on the day you leave (which not just anyone gets). Or how does a golf or tennis lesson sound?

Where else is Virtuoso?

Everywhere. Virtuoso is everywhere. The Americas & The Caribbean, Antartica, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, The South Pacific, and Asia! We have the hotels, the resorts, the tour operators, the local experts, the cruises, the suppliers, the guides, and more.

We’re all connected. We’re all Virtuoso. We’re all the best of the best.

So you appreciate the finer things in life, do you? Of course you do. And you should. And you should ask us more about traveling Virtuoso on your next trip!