Our Services

Whether you want to be highly involved each step of the way or let us completely take the reins,
we’re sure this next vacation is going to BE a good one.

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The Complete BE VIP Treatment

For the travelers who want us to take care of every last detail, both big and small and everything in-between.

These travelers not only want assistance with choosing the perfect accommodations that fit their style, transportations arranged, flights booked and airline seats selected, but they’re looking for planned activities catered to their interest, too. A lot of times, they’re looking for the kind of experiences they may have never known about before working with a travel advisor.

If you want a customize, detailed itinerary (down to the restaurant reservations!) and a travel expert involved every step of the travel-planning-way, the Complete BE VIP Treatment is for you!


The Basics

For the travelers who are typically a DIY’ers, but…

they’re still looking for assistance. These travelers actually enjoy doing a bit of research on their own and might book an activity or excursion by themselves — or even on the fly during travel! Still, they’re looking for assistance with choosing the perfect accommodations that fit their style, arranging transportations, and possibly booking their flights with us in a bundled package.

If you’re looking for a customized itinerary and a travel advisor’s help with a lot of your travel details, but still want to leave a little planning up to yourself (or sweet serendipity!), then The Basics are for you!


A La Carte Travel Services

For the travelers needing a little help.

These travelers are looking for some general, stress-free travel help — but, just in bits and pieces.

If you’re looking for help with airline tickets, hotel reservations, an activity/excursion, or a transfer arranged on your behalf, an A La Carte Travel Service is for you!


Group Management

For, you know, the big groups.

These travelers come in bulk order. Whether it be a big family vacation, group of friends getting away together, or even a destination wedding; these travelers have 6 or more people coming along with them.

If you’re looking for an advisor with the perfect skillset to manage the details that inevitably come with group travel, Group Management is for you!



For the curious travelers.

These travelers just have a few questions. They’re looking for sound advice from a travel expert who knows the ins-and-outs of the destination they’re looking to travel next.

If you just want to pick someone's brain for 15-30 minutes to make sure you're heading in the right direction before completely planning a trip on your own, Brain-Picking is for you!